Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cream of Soup


              Hope u all enjoying the fall...We got the snow early and some shots for u at the end...Few months back,when my family were busy shifting and travelling,also went ill...We were opt to have our lunch and dinner out..My husband choses the kerala restaurant "Eden"...where we hang on,when we are not really well..The cream of soup tastes like heaven, when u have the flu...and the energy is boosted to enjoy the rest of the menu ;-)...
Here is the recipe i got it from my aunt with my own zest...

Sweet Corn(Tin)-1
Milk-1 cup
Veg Stock/chicken broth-1 cup
Spring Onion chopped-1(Optional)
Any Veg or white Meat-Half cup
Cream cheese/Fresh Cream-1 cup
Cornflour-1 tsp
Egg White-1(Optional)
White/Black pepper and Salt to taste

1.Boil Sweet corn,Veg in the Vegetable stock...
2.Mix Cornflour in milk and add to boiling soup(low flame)
4.Add rest of ingredients except the cream
3.Whisk the egg white with salt and pour it on top
4.Remove it from flame,and add the cream
5.Top it with croutons roasted in desi ghee/butter

The inside story.....

Few snow shots

And thank u for the awards by Prasu and Priya,

Till next time, Good bye

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pizza Base and Cheesy Bites Pizza

                                                                I been to pizza hut(india) recently....i chose this cheese bites from new arrival...did you checked the link? was awesome..i found cheese in every bite..that isn't a good treat? i did my first attempt of making pizza base and then i share the cheesy bites...I am sure u r going make it or order a pizza after u finish reading this post..

Mix 2 cups of AP/Maida flour ,one tsp of salt,half tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of inactive yeast

Add warm water(dont kill the yeast,with hot water) and make a soft dough
Knead them well and rest it for 30 minutes

Dough gets double in size,knead them again

Half the dough,dust some flour and roll it into thin sheet.If u want thick layer,then fork it

Layer it with pizza sauce,anything,and loads of mozzarella cheese

Cheesy Bites Pizza

Make a thin layer of pizza as usual

Roll the pizza cutter for one inch at the ends

Add the pizza seasoning to the cheese and mix well

Spread the sauce and anything u want it on top

Spread the seasoned cheese on edges,joining two layers

Pull and twist the side layer and cover it

Seal the edges..the cheese wont comes out

Bake until the cheese melts well..




Here is my Regular Baked Pizza

Bye..c ya

Friday, October 02, 2009

Announcing Diwali 2009 Contest

                 Send ur entries till Oct 20thContest

    Life is not always what we dream,Some expected,some will be unusual..Every year,we wish to have best of food ,dress and moment in a single day as diwali...Diwali is our one of our dream of life ..isn't it?...The only festival that makes everyone happy...
                                               Being married for three years,this is the first time i am (going) to celebrate with my husband and my daughter together.I wish to make big and better day in my blog..I will give away Gift Coupons anywhere, if u send me your best of recipes and how u celebrate(d) ur diwali /dussehra/ deepavali

Contest dates : October 2, 2009  to October 18,  2009

I am very glad to announce Diwali Contest 2009, from October 2, 2009 and goes on till October 18 2009. The round up of the contest will be posted on Oct 19, 2009. First three best entries will win an award.

Participation in the contest includes  simple steps, Here they go:

       1. Post the recipes and ur celebrations  in your blog with the link to this contest.

        2. The post must be related to your diwali celebration.

         3. The post should be published within the contest dates October 2,2009 -October 18, 2009
          4. Mail the details to - .The details to be mailed are:

         Subject of the email should be - Diwali 2009 Recipe/Post Name in the blog 
  • Post Link
  • Blog URL
  • Blog Name
  • (No need to send pictures,i 'll take it from your blog)

    5.Muliple entries from single blog is allowed
    6.Old post entries from archives are welcomed as they are re-posted with event link.
    7.If you dont have blog,participate by sending  your recipes and pictures of your diwali celebrations to above email address
    8.I will share all the entries on October 19,2009 and the winners on October 22,2009
              Feel free to leave your comments and queries.

Wishing you good luck :) Enjoy the participation @ Priya's Feast

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ennai Kathirikai

Ennai Kathirikai is the most pampering dish , today it is my grand ma's version...I often wished to know the recipe from her.But alas,my laziness strikes always..People make ennai kathirikai  in many ways..My mom makes it simple...But this recipe takes little more time(Say half an hour)..

Here is the recipe for half kilo of smallest brinjal/eggplant,
To Fry and Grind
Cinnamon stick-half inch
Coconut-1/2 cup
Khus khus-2 tbsp
Pepper-1 tsp
Jeera-1 tsp
Onion-1 cup
Tomato-1/2 cup
Turmeric-a pinch
Chilli powder-1 tsp
Coriander powder-2 tsp
Coriander leaves-handful
Sesame oil-half cup
Garlic-4 cloves
Salt to taste

To Season
Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Curry leaves-handful

And for Gravy
Tamarind paste-2 tsps mixed to two cups of water
(if u want it like(sour) puli  kulumbu,u can add more)

1.Fry all the dry spices Cardomon,clove,cinnamon and khus khus to dark brown color
2.Then fry coconut,onion and add rest of the ingredients one by one to make fine masala
3.Cool it down,and grind to fine paste
4.Cut the brinjal(buy the smallest) into 4 halves and stuff the masala well(Save the remaining masala)
5.Take a cooking pan with lid,Season mustard seeds and curry leaves in oil ,add the tamarind water and remaining masala,stir it well and add the brinjals
6.Close the lid,Cook in the lowest flame for 10-15 minutes or until the brinjal cooks.(Do not over cook)
7.U can make as curry or gravy as u like..Can add more water to make it as kulumbu.

Enna Oru Kathirikai....Isn't it?....Bye..Happy Eating

P.S: Many were asking about posting non-vegetarian dishes..I am fasting towards diwali for puratasi month.. Sorry guys,wait till oct 17th until time to celebrate(munch) diwali padshanam(Sweets n Savories)

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