Monday, September 06, 2010

Golden Onion Quiche

I am done with my first sweet punch..Ria has challenged to make Golden Onion Quiche..I am happy ,its savoury and also have the choice of making it veggie..I enjoyed chopping and clicking ;-) ,later to enjoy the Quiche..

I used Cherry tomatoes,capsicum,parsley,mint and of course the onion

Here is the step by step method

Mix the butter and the flour mix to scramble them

Here it goes

Add an egg and make them into soft dough

Roll out to thick layer

Shift them to a pastry pan...level the base dough,then the sides

Chop the edges..

I layered the tart shells with the dough

Saute the veggies

Mix the veggies to the beaten egg ,cheese with salt and pepper

Pour the egg mix over the pan and top up some more tomatoes and mint

Bake them for 25 minutes,or until its done..

Cute Quiches ready to attack

We enjoyed a lot ,its a perfect and healthy breakfast to kick start a day

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